Roof Moss Removal in Woodinville WA

Not looking to swing about on the roof like spider man to knock down the moss on your roof? No problem, Clean425 will be there for you to reach the high up places beyond what you can deal with on your own.

What is Moss?

So what is moss? Simple, a plant. It grows on practically any surface it can attach itself to from trees, sidewalks, the ground, and yes, your roof. It reproduces by spreading tiny airborne spores that spread with the wind and wait to grow into moss during the cooler more moist months. Moss grows in leaps and bounds, especially in the space between your singles where the spores generally collect and latch onto. Once moss is established it will act like a sponge soaking up every drop of water that it can to continue growing.

Moss may damage your health and home

With an abundance of shingle and masonry roofing throughout and beyond the Greater Seattle Area there are plenty of meals resting above our heads for any bright green patch of moss to settle in on. Contrary to what many people think, moss is far from harmless. Leaving it be can do serious damage to your home and have immense consequences on anyone’s budget once it forces your hand to buy a new roof. One can be dangerous to breathe, and the other sinks your home’s structural integrity to unsafe levels.

This type of damage can even reach so far down as to affect the supporting structural roof framing and cause them to decay risking an eventual collapse.

Before Moss TreatmentAfter Moss Treatment

Proper Roof Moss Removal with Zinc-Sulfate powder or SH spray

Clean425 has a few options for you to take advantage of to remove moss. We can scrape it right off of your roof for a quick fix, but you need deep root penetrating moss killers to really treat it effectively. This comes in either Zinc-Sulfate powder treatment or SH spray.

Zinc-Sulfate moss treatment is a proven moss killer. When you see homes across the street with lines of white powder striping the roof you know they’re treating it for moss. The active ingredient here is zinc sulfate monohydrate. There are plenty of brands you’ll find out there like Moss B Ware, Moss Out, and Alpha Chemicals which all roughly use a 99% concentration of this effective moss treatment. While we guarantee our zinc sulfate treatments to keep moss away for a solid year it often controls moss for up to two years. We’re happy to harness up and climb to your roof to deter moss this way for you.

Hiring a Pro for Roof Moss Removal in Woodinville WA

Just like we’ve already mentioned a good roof moss removal in Woodinville WA can make a night and day difference in the way your gutters function. You won’t put yourself at risk of falling if you have professional roof moss removal in Woodinville WA do the job for you!

Other Services Clean425 Provides in Woodinville WA

We provide more than roof moss removal for your home. We can also do pressure washing, gutter cleaning, moss removal, house washingwindow cleaning, and Christmas light installation!

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