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Window Cleaning in Washington

Are your windows sparkling like a newly polished diamond or are they looking a little lackluster? Clean425 is ready to work to make sure your home sparkles and shimmers just the right way.

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Being in the PNW we have a few year round issues to deal with protecting our windows. First, the ocean is just next door for most of us. Lucky us, right? Not so lucky for our windows, though. Salt and sand collects on windows and eventually will embed itself into the pores of the glass. This will results in stains and cracks in your windows if you don’t take care of it regularly.

Second, if not tasting the sea-salt in the air we’re mostly surrounded by forest and woodlands. Sap, bark, and plenty of different pests can do the same harm to your window in wooded areas as salt and sand does by the shore. So whether you are in Everette, Shoreline, or Snohomish, there’s still a need to clean your windows to keep them in one piece.

For those of you in Seattle, you know just how quickly your windows get dirty. With the streets crisscrossing every direction right out front there is plenty of dust and dirt being kicked up in the air that finds its way to your windows, and traffic doesn’t wait for the seasons. So be sure to protect your windows by getting all of that dirt removed regularly before it etches your windows leaving them cracked and broken.

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Window cleaning lets more light into your home

Another reason that you may not think of until just after having your windows cleaned is light. Light, as noted by Barbra Corcoran, is the second most quoted reason any buyer has for buying a house. So clean those windows to let the light shine in, brightening up your home! A brilliant choice for if you are selling, or just looking to open up space for yourself and your family.

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Cleaning Screens

Still need your screens cleaned? No problem. All of our trucks are equipped with a screen cleaner that safely brushes your screens down while pushing dirt out with water. We’ll have them as clean as the day you bought them soon enough.

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