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Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning in Washington

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Premier Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning Services in Washington

At Clean425 we pride ourselves as being one of the premier power washing and gutter cleaning specialists not just in Woodinville where we are located but in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and Bothell Washington. We have a mission to build strong relationships with all of our clients by providing top rate service and customer satisfaction with every job done.

Experience pays, and we have a steady and knowledgeable team with plenty of it here ready to go. Whatever your needs, whether maintenance to keep the house in shape or prepping it for that big sell before you go off on the next adventure, you can trust Clean425 to use our well earned experience and expertise to give you the results you need.

Moss Treatment

Not looking to swing about on the roof like spider man to knock down the moss on your roof? No problem, Clean425 will be there for you to reach the high up places beyond what you can deal with on your own.

Recent Work

Leaves, fallen branches, sticks, and maybe an odd slice of bread that didn’t quite get to the robin’s nest on the overhanging tree branch, a little bit of gunk can do a lot to clutter your once pristine roof. Outfitted with steel nerves and a leafblower, though, and one of our technicians or crew leads can scale your home and have it sparkling from top to bottom once again removing each bit of mess. One of our technicians with a husqvarna 580bts backpack leafblower on their back can make quick work of knocking down debris to be removed.

At Clean425 we’re ready to go and tackle any roof cleaning job you have ready for us.