Roof Cleaning in Bothell WA

The right tools, safety equipment, and know how from out team of professionals will have your roof cleaned in a jiffy.

Roof Cleaning in Bothell WA

While we may love enjoying the best of all four seasons here in the PNW our roofs don’t. Leaves and fallen branches build up giving rise to algae, moss, lichens, and mildew. Each of these can cause permanent damage to your roof if left alone. Some of these can even lift up and displace entire shingles! So, instead of waiting for the damage to force your hand in buying a new roof, save a few thousand dollars next year have it cleaned now!

Leaves, fallen branches, sticks, and maybe an odd slice of bread that didn’t quite get to the robin’s nest on the overhanging tree branch, a little bit of gunk can do a lot to clutter your once pristine roof. Outfitted with steel nerves and a leafblower, though, and one of our technicians or crew leads can scale your home and have it sparkling from top to bottom once again removing each bit of mess. One of our technicians with a husqvarna 580bts backpack leafblower on their back can make quick work of knocking down debris to be removed.

At Clean425 we’re ready to go and tackle any roof cleaning in Bothell WA job you have ready for us.

Before Roof CleaningAfter Roof Cleaning

Trained & Experienced Roof Cleaning in Bothell WA

Our trained and experienced roof cleaning crews in Bothell WA will have your home looking as good as new. Find for yourself how expertly they can

  • Safely Navigate while Harnessed
  • Remove Debris
  • Prevent Roof Damage

Worried about your roof’s safety with a man up top carrying a good 50lbs of equipment on his back causing damage? No sweat! Whatever the weather whether swelter or chill our crews know from training and experience what to keep a sharp eye out for to keep your roof and home in mint condition.

Hiring Professional Roof Cleaning in Bothell WA

Just like we’ve already mentioned a good roof cleaning in Bothell WA can make a night and day difference in the appearance of your home. Having a family get together, looking to sell and bump the price up a few notches, or just trying to spruce the place up? You don’t want to go without a professional roof cleaning job to get the best of your time and money.

Other Services Clean425 Provides in Bothell WA

We provide more than roof cleaning for your home. We can also do pressure washing, gutter cleaning, moss removal, house washingwindow cleaning, and Christmas light installation!

Clean425 Roof Cleaning in Bothell WA