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Window Cleaning Services

Why Hire a Professional Window Washing Service?

Window washing is a difficult chore that homeowners often procrastinate. It requires ladder work, mop buckets, squeegees and other supplies.

Regular cleanings protect windows from corrosive contaminants that erode window seals, eat away at screens and leave behind unsightly lime deposits. Specialty glass windows, such as tinted and stained glass, require professional care to preserve them for as long as possible.


Professional cleaners know how to use their equipment safely. They will not be climbing a ladder or working with cleaning solutions that may cause harm to their bodies, nor will they have to work on hard-to-reach windows or ones that require special care.

Allergens like dust, pollen and mold can build up in dirty windows and aggravate allergy symptoms in people. Having your windows cleaned regularly can decrease these allergens and make it easier for people to breathe and enjoy their time at home or at work.

The experts will also be able to see any issues with your windows or window frames, such as broken glass or faulty locking mechanisms, and take care of them before they become dangerous. This saves you money in maintenance costs and potentially costly repairs or replacements down the line. This is especially important in commercial properties where a clean appearance will encourage customers to return. In addition, a clean exterior will also help to deter pests.

Window Washing
Window Washing

Saves You Time

Professional window cleaners do this every day, so they have a process down and can get the job done quickly. This saves you time that you would spend lugging around a ladder, climbing up and down, cleaning each window several times to get it right.

Professionals also know how to use cleaning solutions that remove even stubborn stains, leaving the windows looking crystal clear. Plus, they will rinse the windows to avoid any chemical residue that can cause streaking or smudges.

While they are up on the ladders, professionals keep an eye out for potential problems with the frames or seals on the windows. They can then address these issues before they become expensive repair or replacement costs later on. They can also spot other issues, such as bees or hornets building nests behind window shutters or ladybugs living in the window channels, making the windows difficult to open. They can then take care of these pests before they become an infestation.

Saves You Money

Professional cleaners have the equipment and cleaning solutions they need to clean your windows quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. This saves you the cost of purchasing those products yourself, or storing and maintaining your own cleaning equipment.

Professionals have the experience to work on specialty windows like etching, tinted, or stained glass. They know which cleaners will work best with what type of window and how to use them without damaging the glass or frames.

Dander, pollen, dust, and other allergens can build up on windowsills and in between windowpanes. Regularly cleaning these areas decreases the amount of allergens in your home, improving the health and comfort of you and your family.

Trying to save a few dollars by doing your own window cleaning can actually end up costing you more in the long run. Buying expensive cleaning supplies, repairing broken windows and ladders, or paying for medical bills from an injury are all more costly than hiring professionals to get the job done right the first time.

Saves You Energy

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or you just want to see the outdoors more clearly, hiring professional window cleaners is a smart investment. The team will have the proper equipment to reach high windows without risking injury. They’ll also have the experience to spot and repair faulty frames, seals and glass.

Regular cleaning will also eliminate harmful allergens that can cause headaches, fatigue, runny nose, and itchy eyes. These allergens can gather on dirty window sills and in window channels, but a professional cleaner will ensure they’re washed away. The cleaning process will also remove corrosive contaminants that can damage window sealing and etch screens. It will also prevent the build-up of lime deposits that are unsightly and make windows more susceptible to cracks and chips.

Window Washing Services
Window Washing Services

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