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Insurance Policies Cancelled Due to a Dirty Roof

Insurance Policies Cancelled Due to a Dirty Roof

If you check out the NBC video to the right, you’ll learn something we’ve known for a bit and are hoping more people realize. That is, having a dirty roof is costly!

Why is that? If you’ve looked through our pages regarding moss treatment or gutter cleaning you may already know, but those dark streaks along the asphalt shingles are actually algae colonies. Why is that an issue? Because they eat your shingles. They’re content to sit lounging in the sun eating away at your home. Eventually, this can cause some serious problems that can easily cost you thousands to repair. We are a business, yes, but our first priority is making sure our customers are 100% satisfied, and that includes educating on the importance of having the outside of your home just as clean as the inside.

Water damage to your home’s structural integrity is no joke, and insurance companies know this all too well. No reason to get caught off guard and risk losing an insurance policy in addition to risk needing to pay for an entirely new roof when you simply get the one you have cleaned off.

Gives us a call, the experts at Clean425 are the exterior cleaning specialists you’ve been looking for.

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