• Professional Power Washing

Reasons to Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Company

Saves Time and Money.

While nearly every customer of ours does some maintenance on their own, they all agree that having their property professionally deep cleaned makes their job much easier. After we deep clean any surface on your property, you’ll spend less time on maintaining those surfaces both in labor and chemical use.

Safer for you. We take the risk.

We have the proper equipment to make cleaning larger properties much easier and safer. If your maintenance staff is climbing on ladders and pressure washing a building, you should consider calling a professional.

We professionally clean for a living, your staff members may damage a surface beyond repair by accident using too much pressure which is one of the most common calls that we receive.

Proper Soft Wash Equipment.

This goes along with saving you time and money, but our equipment is made for performance and moving fast. On large hard surface areas and buildings, we’ll be much more efficient at cleaning than a maintenance staff member, especially for deep cleaning. With the use of hot water, we’re able to melt gum off of sidewalks and other hard surfaces.

Most maintenance departments use cold water pressure washers which make it nearly impossible to remove chewing gum without damaging the surface. Hot water and low pressure removes the chewing gum and leaves the concrete unharmed. Concrete damage is all too common and expensive to replace/repair. It’s also unpleasant to look at.

Professional Soft Wash Training.

We can be a great addition to your team by taking care of your deep cleaning needs and then training some of your head maintenance staff to keep up with it until you need us again. We’re happy to do all of the cleaning maintenance, too, but offer this option to our customers who would rather do a bit on their own. There is no extra charge for this option.

Please feel free to contact us anytime by phone, text, or email for a bid on any property.

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