Ballard WA Christmas Light Installation

We’ll brighten up those dark winter nights for you while spreading some holiday cheer, all without you having to work through the bitter cold at dangerous heights.

A Ballard WA Christmas Light Installation Company

No matter how far ahead you try to plan for the perfect Christmas season, there always seems to be too much to do and so little time! With all the Christmas shopping, company parties, family dinners and catching up with friends, having even one less thing on your plate can be a huge relief. Don’t deny your family of the traditional Christmas lights hung around your home because you don’t have any time this year – let a professional company, like Clean425, take care of the Ballard WA Christmas Light Installation.

We provide this service to give you more time with your family and as an added bonus, you also eliminate the dangers of climbing on ladders to get this done because our professionals do it for you! Are you ready to make your house the showstopper of the street? Contact us for an estimate and to schedule the installation this year.

The Perfect Ballard WA Christmas Light Installation

When we say professional light installation, we mean “we’ll take care of everything for you.” From providing the lights and installing them to taking down the lights and storing them, our Ballard WA Christmas Light Installation service allows you to completely be hands-off in this process. Here is what you’ll get when you choose to hire us:

Benefits of a Professional Christmas Light Installation Company

If you’ve ever had to sit down and untangle hundreds of yards of string lights, you know how difficult Christmas light installations can be. The preparation part isn’t even the most difficult part of it all. Setting up a ladder and moving it all around the house to install the lights can get pretty dangerous, especially in a wet and cold season. If you’re not used to working a ladder properly, it becomes pretty risky to hang Christmas lights – and even more so if you have a two story house.

Using a professional, Ballard WA Christmas Light Installation company is beneficial in many ways. Not only does it save you from the risk of injury, but it also saves you time and energy in a very busy time of year. Why bother wasting hours or even days to set up Christmas lights when you can delegate this tedious task to a professional? Clean425 is a company that you can trust to make your holiday season less stressful.

Why Choose Clean425 for Christmas Light Installation?

We make sure to provide the very best service for every single customer, no matter how big or small the project might be. Our professional Ballard WA Christmas Light Installation team is highly experienced, with hundreds of light installations under our belt and hundreds of happy customers. As we are mainly a professional cleaning company, it gives us the advantage because we’re familiar with navigating all types of houses. This makes it less risky to have trained pros take on the ladder climbing task. You won’t have to worry about our well-insured team working on your property.

Although Christmas lights can be installed yourself, the awesome benefits of using Clean425 are that you get quality lights and Christmas décor to use (that means you can change it up every year without purchasing and storing new items), and you save time and storage space. If you want a less stressful Christmas season. Ready for beautiful Christmas lights and décor for your house? Give us a call or fill out our online form to get a free, no-obligation quote.

If you need a good exterior house cleaning before the Christmas light installation, we’re the people to call too! We have thousands of happy customers with homes cleaned by our team of experts. Check out our house washing and roof cleaning services.